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Buying a Practice

Is this the right time for you to buy a practice? It is often difficult for one to decide whether to buy an existing dental practice or start one from scratch. What are the benefits to each? What are the challenges?

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    Selling a Practice

    Is it time for you retire? Whether you're beginning to think about retirement or just wanting to downsize your operation, we can help!

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    Client Testimonials

    Dr. Powell, North Carolina, said:
    We had an offer on our practice in less than a week and closed three weeks later. Thanks to Venture, this was a very smooth transition!
    Dr. Sylvester, Oregon, said:
    From day one, Venture worked hard to find me the best fit as an associate! I couldn't be happier where I landed!
    Dr. Stevens, W. Virginia, said:
    We now have the most amazing Hygienist working for us! Thanks to Venture for finding her! Amazing!
    Dr. Cameron, Texas, said:
    When I was looking to purchase a dental practice, it couldn't have been easier! Thanks Venture for guiding me through the process!

    Staffing a Practice

    Whether you're looking for the right team members to join your practice or if you are a dentist looking for an Associate position, Venture can help!

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    Valuation /Financing

    What is my dental practice worth if I sold it today? I am looking to purchase a practice and want to know what my financing options are.

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